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The Bund - Shanghai

8 Things To Do in Shanghai

It may have helped that it was our first stop in China, but we were both surprised by how much we liked Shanghai. Before we arrived we'd thought it might be a bit modern and bland, especially since it's grown so quickly in the last decade. While some parts of the city were definitely lacking in ... [More]

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Signs You’re in China

Of our memories from China, one of the most enduring will be the ubiquity of "don't do this" signs. No spitting, no sitting, no standing, no leaning, no eating, no climbing... Unfortunately we never saw a "no queue jumping" sign. Here's a selection of pics. ... [More]

Pension Galko - Cesky Krumlov

Review: Pension Galko in Cesky Krumlov

"Ring all the buzzers." "I did ring all the buzzers." "Hold them down longer." It was 7pm and after a four hour train trip from Prague, followed by a decent hike from the Cesky Krumlov train station, we were finally outside Pension Galko - what we had hoped was going to be our accommodation for the ... [More]

Sigulda Bobsleigh

Our Bobsleigh Experience in Sigulda

"Feel this bar underneath you? Hold onto that really tight. Lean forward. Don't lean back. Tuck your head into your shoulders. Keep your head straight. Your head might hit the side of the bobsleigh on some of the high g turns, try to keep it straight. Remember, hold on tight, don't let go of that ... [More]

Chengdu Pandas

Our Amazing Trip to the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding

The photos speak for themselves! ... [More]

China Deluxe Soft Sleeper Train

Hard, Soft, and Deluxe Sleeper Trains in China

We'd read a bit about hard sleepers before arriving in China, and had laughed at some of the stories and photos that people had posted online about their experiences. We weren't sure whether we would end up travelling by hard sleeper - we knew it would be an experience but thought we'd probably go ... [More]

Public singing and dancing in China

22 Random Observations From Our First Time In China

We weren't sure what to expect from China. After spending a month in the country, it's the small things that stand out for us...things we didn't expect, or things that we'd read about but had to see to appreciate (or not appreciate as the case may be!). 1. Electric scooters - We first noticed them ... [More]

Qantas business class meal - Fresh fruit plate

Our Business Class Experience with Qantas

We used some of our Qantas frequent flyer points (which we accumulated through our ANZ Qantas Visas to purchase our business class tickets with Qantas. If it hadn't been for the free upgrade that we won with Emirates, these would have been our first ever business class tickets and we were ... [More]

Emirates business class cabin

Our Business Class Experience with Emirates

Based on our pre-flight dealings with Emirates, we had high hopes for our first ever business class flight. And we weren't disappointed. Flight Details Flight number: EK419 Route: Christchurch, New Zealand to Sydney, Australia (although the flight continued onto Bangkok and Dubai without ... [More]

Mongolian flag

A Mongolian Visa in 48 Hours

Due to the delays in getting our Russian visas, we almost ran out of time to apply for our Mongolian visas before we left home. And we ended up having to apply for urgent processing (at a higher cost) to ensure that we'd have our passports back before our departure date. We're trying not to hold a ... [More]

Lean meat

Food Fears

Although we're not great cooks or food connoisseurs, we both love food and drink and are excited about having new taste experiences on the road. In fact we haven't stopped talking about the food we'll have in China since we decided this would be the first stop on our trip. It's gotten to the point ... [More]